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Kenneth  Lightfoot has been a active trader in the stock and options market for the last 14 years.

What does that have to do with amazing display of superb comic timing and jaw dropping  theatrics.

probably Nothing but THE PR PEOPLE AT THESE FESTIVAL have a deadline and

I need to get back to my online trading and dealing with my inner child after the

Shock of yet another soul mate leaving me...I should have never taught  her how to

pick locks. So what exactly  does  Kenneth  Lightfoot do that makes even stones smile.

Mindreading take the form of psychoanalysis

 Rendering a human being into a collage of numbers. Time travels right before all but

 Ones  laughing eyes. mass hypnosis is the only way to describe a playing card

on top of a building or through a window that Doesn’t  exist.  You’ll be laughing so hard your nose may fall off. Nose fall off.....what is this the dairy of a madman!?

I beg to differ his  irrevent  laugh filled graffitti style comedy . Why else would the have to black out his face to protect his identity.

he could n't be that bad at building websites. Father death must surely have it out for him. be sure

to wear a overcoat filled with barge bank note or love notes if your so inclined. It's a hilarious journey for the entire family.

You'll never forget what is not about to take place. okay so some of the statement are not actually true. they come from a mind that has cease to exist.

 I am no longer that person, and no longer take responsibility for those statements anlong with any errors of grammer.

They come from a past life and I want nothing to do with him. Even the I use the word him I take issue with, it would be closer to the truth.

And even that statement is becoming a distant memory from my present self. Which by time you read this will not be me either. Don't tell be your

still reading this? and if you say yes. I'll think you insane as well. For these thoughts are not mine but yours at this moment, and it could

 only be you who question your sanity. You see I have cease to exist. So come out to see the show. I'm sure I won't be there.



Kenneth Lightfoot almost didn't become the comic entertainer the world has come to ignore. His first performance was as Jesus  Christ in a Sunday school play. They

never told him that he would be crucified and killed. That's when the bed wetting started. It lasted for forty days and forty nights. To draw attention

away from the smell he entertain family and friend with comic impressions of famous people. Okay so I'm lying. he had no friends and his family had better thing to do

For the most part he just went around talking to himself...those were the days before medicating children became all the rage.

After graduating from high school he became a carpenter and traveled to the east....when he returned  he was crucified and hung on a cross.

Wait I've got my myths mixed up.

His performing career started in San francisco....arguably the  most crazy people populated city on earth

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